Hey there, lovely people of our vibrant community! We are thrilled to spread some joy and positivity by offering you TWO fantastic classes for FREE every Saturday! Yes, you read that right! They are absolutely FREE! In a world where everything seems to come with a price tag, we are here to break the norm and offer a way for you to prioritize your health and wellness.


🥊 Boxfit Class (8:15 a.m.): Release stress, boost your energy, and have fun while you punch those weekday worries to the curb! This class will not only get your heart rate up but also leave you feeling empowered and strong. If you have your own boxing gloves bring them with you.


🔔 Kettlebell Class (9 a.m.): Experience a full-body workout that will sculpt and tone your muscles while improving your overall strength and endurance. Swing your way to a stronger, fitter you with every move!


🙌 Both classes are suitable for ALL fitness levels. Bring your family along and kickstart the weekend with some positive vibes!


No need to worry about fees or memberships - just show up, spread the word about us, bring your energy, and let's have a blast together! See you there!


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