GetRunning - 2x complete Run programs

for those wanting to use this time to get running, we are stoked to offer a very well engineered 0-5km run program from our friend Gaz Brown - GetRunning

Two versions available:

- G1

for those that have tried running before and wanting to have another go

- G2

for those that have never run before.

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Cost you nothing, but mean a lot to the business. 

Enjoy and feel free to spread it round.

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About GetRunning

GetRunning was founded by Gaz Brown in 2007 after training newbie runner Kerre Woodham for the Auckland, New York and Paris Marathons.  Incredibly, Gaz managed to get her round the course and the books they wrote, "Short Fat Chick to Marathon Runner" and "Short Fat Chick in Paris" became best sellers – and are still in print ten years later.

If you are looking for a complete running package, look no further.  Check out their Run Club


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