First off, why boxing?

Trainer profiles

Vasco Kovacevic

Head Trainer/Manager

“As an ADD child I was always active and never really liked sports till I got involved with boxing. At age 17 and at a colourful stage of my life, I got introduced to boxing by a work colleague.

Starting boxing was the best thing I have ever done. I have now spent nearly 20 years refining my skills with some of the best trainers and video analysis guys in the combat sport. I have been privileged to travel all around the world taking my fighters to title fights. I have a big passion for combat sports and strongly believe that you are never too old to start or learn something new.

I still to this day try to improve my combat skills on a daily basis.”

Kerry Davies

Assistant Boxing Trainer

Kerry was born and raised in England. He started boxing to help with his football, and realised that he actually liked boxing better. Kerry fought as an amateur boxer in England. After a little break and while on his OE he fell in love with the sport again and had couple of corporate fights. He is currently training for his Pro fights and looking to notch up a few Pro W in 2017. Full time plasterer/chippy, assistant trainer and professional fighter.

Kerry (AKA Ellen AKA Twiggy) is a great guy to have around the gym.

Darryl Grauman

Head MMA Trainer / IF MMA

Darryl has been training in various forms of martial arts for  40 years. He has a 5th Degree black belt in Ju-Jitsu, and black belts in judo and kung-fu. He has trained extensively in Catch Wrestling, Krav Maga and BJJ. He is a Chinese Kickboxing (San-Shou) coach and has produced a number of champions in NZ and overseas. Darryl has now been teaching MMA in NZ for the last 20 years and runs the MMA, Grappling and Self Defence sessions at Redline.

Darryl has also been training in Kettlebells under Dr Mark Cheng for many years and founded the NZ Iron Kettlebell Training organisation which helps to teach Personal Trainers, Performance Athletes and other Fitness, Physical and Medical Professionals in the safe use of kettlebells. Darryl is regarded as an authority on Kettlebells in NZ and runs intensive Kettlebell & Conditioning sessions at Redline. Darryl also consults on fight preparation for our professional and amateur athletes.

Robert Berridge

Abattoir Trainer

Robert is a New Zealand Light Heavyweight Champion and was ranked as high as 7th in the world as a Light Heavyweight. He is currently training for some of the biggest fights of his career.

(add a link to his highlights video)

Robert runs the very high HIIT type of class incorporating body weights and punch. This is 45 min of great cardio while having fun.

This is a must try for people of all fitness levels.

Dieneke Errazo

Kettlebells Instructor

Mother of four and a fitness fanatic, Dieneke is one of the main instructors from NZ Iron. Her love for kettlebells has even continued into 8 months of her pregnancy with her fourth child. Dieneke uses kettlebells for cardio and strength training. Dieneke (aka Dee) takes our Kettlebells classes during the weekdays. 

MO Bashir

Mo is a professional boxer but by day he is a pharmacists. Mo is the owner of Albany UniChem, he is also one of our fighter that is trained by Cleve Langdon and Vasco Kovacevic. Mo’s boxfit class is full of energy and is a great mix of Cardio and boxing technique. This is an other must try RLCA class.

Cleve Langdon


Cleve has been involved with boxing for over 30 years and he is a second generation boxing coach. Cleve was one third of THE BUTCHER team. Cleve’s classes are for people that are interested in the sweet science of Boxing. The very knowledgeable Coach Cleve aka “nana” is great for anyone that is interested to sharpen their skill or learn new ones.

Aimee Kovacevic

Bootcamp/Kettlebells Instructor

“Exercise for me is like my therapy; when I don’t workout, I feel sluggish, tired and unmotivated. I love workouts that push me both physically and mentally. There is nothing better than that sense of achievement you can get from lifting that weight you didn’t think you could and the rush of endorphins released when you do it. I get bored easily and like to mix up my own workouts and classes with variety of HIIT style sessions like Tabata rounds with BoxFit, weights and Kettlebells. You never really know what you are going to get when you turn up to my classes; the only thing you will know is that you are going to work hard and feel pretty bloody fantastic afterwards.”