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Sparring is a form of training common to many combat sports, sparring is not fighting. It is the first step of putting it all together to fight, It’s about practicing skill and technique. The purpose of sparring is to prepare you for boxing and fight competition. The point of sparring is to apply what you learned in a boxing class in a safe, controlled environment with a resisting partner/opponent. Sparring doesn’t mean giving it all that you got and going full force. We understand that sparring can be intimidating, but if all the rules of sparring (listed in following sections) are followed, sparring can be a great way to hone your skills. So, if you are inclining to spar, take a leap of faith, we got your back.

- You must be attending Rlca boxing classes or Amateur classes regularly for at least 3 weeks before you decide trying out sparring for your own safety. You are always welcome to talk to one of our instructors for further guidance.

- Once you gain enough skills from boxing classes, ask your instructor if you are ready for sparring.

- Listen, Learn and Respect your opponents and coaches!

- If you wish to spar, mouth guard and 16oz gloves are mandatory unless specified. You won’t be allowed to spar if you don’t have required gear for your protection as well as safety of others. 

Mouthpiece (must have)

Boxing gloves (16oz must have)

Head gear (highly recommended)

Groin protector (optional)

Chest protector (optional)