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classes are for you if you want to learn correct boxing technique and prepare yourself for a dance in the ring, or just up your skills. Classes are run by professional boxing coaches with close to 20 years experience in the sport each.
A fighter’s mindset is essential for these classes. You must be coachable, disciplined, dedicated, and focused. You must be on time for class and demonstrate perseverance, patience and persistence. Above all else you must be respectful and leave your ego at the door.

You will need Gloves, Wraps, a Towel and a water bottle.




classes are a fast paced 45 minute blast, giving you a full body workout and a cardio hit. These classes are perfect for anyone wanting to improve their fitness, train for a fight or expel the frustrations from the day. Classes are usually made up of a warm up, bag (or pad) work and finished with abs. Boxfit classes are suitable for any level of fitness.

You will need Gloves, Wraps, a Towel and a water bottle



Kettlebell exercises and routines use functional fitness and ballistic movements that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training that provides users with an outstanding workout that works core and major muscle groups all at the same time. Typical Kettlebell exercises quickly build muscular strength and endurance throughout the whole body by engaging the entire body at once.
The imbalanced weight of a Kettlebell can make training difficult if the appropriate technique is not correctly applied.


Mums & Bubs

Get in shape with your baby by your side! Boxfit/Fitness class suitable for mums with kids