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No gym access while in Covid-19 isolation? No problem. This workout has you covered and you don't need a single piece of equipment.

Steve Shannon from Coms Fitness knows a lot of you don't have any equipment so he thought he'd kick things off with a bodyweight only work

5 Rounds

• Single leg deadlift 5 x 5

• Warrior lunge x 10

• Flamingo squats 5 x 5

• Half get up / press up 5 x 5

• Frog press up / kick through x 10

• Tsunami's x 10


Steve Shannon is our good friend and ultimate fitness professional with a long list of qualifications. Notably, he is accredited as a steel mace instructor by both the ONNIT Academy and the father of western mace training Rik Brown, aka Mr Maceman; thus combining both traditional and modern methods. Steve is also the Waikato assessor for NZ Iron: Hardstyle Kettlebell training institute, educating and certifying other health and fitness professionals.

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Little things make a big difference.

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