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Hello and Welcome to Blue Lotus Tattoo Studio

If you are looking to get new Ink in future, you should definitely contact Clinton Jones - The tattoo artist & owner of Blue Lotus Tattoo Studio
You may know Clint from RLCA teaching traditional Traditional Filipino Martial Arts of Arnis - Rapid Arnis
Clint has been be tattooing for 25 years and was NZ's youngest apprentice. He has a love for nature, sci-fi, mythology and collecting comics, action figures and memorabilia. Clint enjoys tattooing flowers, realism, pop culture cartoons and movies.
When he's not busy working and being a husband and dad Clint enjoys Storm Trooping as a Shadow Trooper with the 501st raising money for charity, drawing, painting models. 

Blue Lotus Tattoo Studio

is a Professional, Health Licensed Tattoo Studio providing Premiere Tattooing Services and Custom Designs as well as Exceptional Workmanship and World Class Standards. Safe and Hygienic Environment is their #1 priority.

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